President Welcome

Dr. Michael Esselen, ND/NMD, PhD

Thank you for visiting our international distance learning website. I invite you to take the time to navigate through this site. Whatever your current level of academic achievement is, you can be sure that UNISA has a program that meets your needs and aspirations. IACI, and it's 34 testing centers in North and South America is UNISA's licensee for the past twenty one years. It has been appointed by UNISA on 1997 to provide information to prospective students concerning their curriculum for Postgraduate and Undergraduate studies, and to provide administrative services, mainly an authorized testing center, for person/s residing in North and South America, and for those who are considering or already registered in distance education courses and programs offered by UNISA. As from 2016  IACI, will provide exams services only for UNISA students and other universities.

The University of South Africa (UNISA) is the largest university on the continent and one of the five mega distance learning university in the world. The university has a student headcount of over 360,000 students, including African and international students in 130 countries worldwide. UNISA is dedicated open distance education institution. Open distance learning (ODL) that gives students flexibility and choice over what, when, where and how they learn, and provides them with extensive student support.

UNISA is listed in the Commonwealth Universities Yearbook, an international directory providing authoritative information on more than 600 Universities in 36 Commonwealth countries. UNISA is also listed in the International Handbook of Universities (IHU), published by the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

  • The Bachelor's degrees are three year degrees with two majors in the third year level.
  • The Master's degree is a two year program, the first year is towards
  • The Honour's degree, which represents a fourth year where the student specializes in a major of choice  - the curriculum is typically comprised of 4-6 papers (study units).
  • The second year of the Master's Degree includes either a dissertation on an approved topic, or papers and a dissertation of limited scope on approved topics.
  • The curriculum for the Doctoral Degree consists of a research thesis on an approved topic in the student's specific field of study. The programs cost about $2,300 per year and paid directly to UNISA. It offer an innovative approach to learning with correspondence instruction, video & audio lectures, and on-line studies to ensure an efficient delivery of academic material. On-line services enable students to communicate with their lecturers and other classmates via electronic mail. It also provides controlled access to student exams, assignment information, and the library catalogue. Admission is no longer based on academic qualifications alone. A decision will be taken based on suitability and viability of the intended research and adequate supervisory capacity and research expertise in the discipline or department.

                Dr. Michael Esselen